Top 5 Rides at Sunway Lagoon

Tips 1 : Entrance Ticket Price

The entrance ticket price for Sunway Lagoon is  RM 150 for adult and RM120 for children age 11 and below also for senior citizen aged 60 and above. For malaysian I/C holder the rate for adult is RM120 and RM96 for children age 11 below also for senior citizen aged 60 and above.

Tips 2 : Height for rides

Some rides does not allow toddler for safety reasons. To avoid dissapointment, do check out the minimum height needed prior queing for rides. Trust me, this does not bother us at all, there are plenty of attraction that welcome the not so tall human hehe

Tips 3 : No outside Food and Drink

Milk for babies are okay, so dont worry on this. The price of the food is slightly higher compare to outside but still bearable if you ask me. We are so busy having fun that we dont really feel that hungry anyway. Lots of water dispenser machine around, you can always satisfy your thirst at no cost. I love the ice cream stall so much. I mean, a fun day under the sun is not complete with out an ice cream right? It cost us RM7 for 1 scoop and RM11 for 2 scoop.

Tips 4 : Activities

You might want to check out the notice board to plan on joining the activities. I love watching the show, so we plan our visit according to that.


Tips 5 : Locker and Storage

If you are bringing baby,then you might bring extra clothes and diapers and what not right? Imagine carrying that around it could be quite troublesome. So, the best is to utilise the e-lockers facilities. It cost RM22 for a standard locker and RM43 for the large locker. We took 1 medium locker and all 4 of us managed to share it. We stored clean dry clothes and baby nessecities. Longtime ago it cost RM10 per locker but only for single usage. I am happy to see that they have upgraded the system that it can now be used multiple time. So, it is a one time fee. If you need to grab anything from your locker, you may do so with no extra cost.

I also like the fact that this locker does not come with a key, it is setup based on your bracelet tag. Once it is configurated in the system all you need is to scan your tag and your locker will open automatically. Dont have to worry about losing your locker key yeay!!

Also, do take note to wear a comfortable shoes or flip flop. The best is the one that dried up quickly as you might be running in and out of water. I just wear a comfortable wedges and most of the time I browse around barefooted. Find it way easier to enjoy the attractions that way.  Since you have a locker, just store your shoes in there. No sweat! *wink wink*


This is the first TOPRide that me daughter and I love, The Carousel. I mean how could we not? haha so cute and so fairy tale like. It is a must ride for kids (and parents) haha My bro even took a slomo video of me and Sofea enjoying the ride.


The next Top attraction for us is the WildLife Park. It is very interactive and informative. Sofea had lots of fun chasing duck and be around nature. We even get the chance to have a group pic with the White Lion. A memorable trip indeed.


Tips 6 : Visit Pet Village before Wet Park

My third personal favourite would be the Pet Village. I never knew Sofea is scared of rabbit. hahaha How could you, Sofea? They are sooo adorable. If you come to Pet Village, they will allow you to feed the rabbit and the giant tortoise. It is a nice experience mingling around cute animals. It makes me feel like snow white. I was so tempted to sing some princess song hahaha

If you are bringing a child, do make Pet Village as one of the earlier spot to visit. I mean when your child energy level is still high. It allows them to walk and interact with the animals curiously. I mean if you come after wetpark they might have been too tired to enjoy it already, and that is another tips.




Tips 7 : Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon – Heaven on earth for kids!

We spent most of our time at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. All the slide here welcome toddler and Sofea utilise them for many rounds. Since we went on Friday, my husband and bro went out to perform they friday prayers. While waiting for them, Sofea and I enjoy this place so much. Splasing water, running around and just have a really good times. It is actually the first Nickelodeon in Asia.

Sofea’s favourite would be the Spongebob Splash Adventure. They have so many slide and each have their own twist of fun. I never seen sofea laugh and roll around that much before. It makes me super happy to bond with her.  

Tips 8 : Water Park

If your kids love the beach, Sunway Lagoon got it covered too! They have man made surf beachthat equipped with real sands. You can even bring some sand building toys or a ball to add more fun to it.  We decided to go to the Water Park towards the evening when the sun is slightly gentle to avoid sun burn. But if you are in the mood for some tanned skin, then by all mean.. do enjoy the sun! Dont forget to re-apply your Sunblock once in awhile. If you forgot to bring your own, they sell it inside the park so dont worry about that.


Tips 9 : The Lakeside

If you are the type that love to appreciate a calm scenery then you will totally love the Lakeside. I personally like the lakeside because they have real swan on the lake and the view is just spectacular. If you want to just relax and enjoy a nice chat with your family member, then do drop by to enjoy the lakeside.


We also have the opportunity to meet Spongebob, Patrick, Dora and Boots! haha


The final top ride would be the The Lagoon Express! We love the Train Ride so much that we enjoyed it twice haha.. I mean what is not to love when you get to cruise around on a fancy looking train while waving ? It makes me feel like a princess